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             1201 Boulevard Route 50, Weymouth, NJ 08330
                  located within one mile of Mays Landing    
                           7am - 6pm Monday - Friday

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To create an environment that encourages, learning, investigating, compassion, and educational as well as personal growth.  Beginners First Academy will always put our children, families and staff first.  Our BFA team recognizes that successful education will only occur in an environment where the child, family and staff work as one, synchronized unit.

Our Mission Statement: Secure and safe environment, that includes caring and understanding relationships, enjoyable learning experiences, independent creative investigating, exploring to grow and to positively develop each child’s individuality, happily and healthy, with the supervision of honest and trustworthy staff

Our original ‘CHILD first!’ curriculum is based on promoting early learning through hands on activities.  Guiding each child to problem solve, in result, happily leading them to eagerly find solutions. 

Our ‘CHILD first!” curriculum  was created to insure children have respect for others and posses the ability to work as a team. 

Showing compassion to others during a well-rounded balance of activities everyday.

Encouraging children to be active throughout each day expressing themselves through dance, art and play.

Motivating each child to be independent  and grow to have the most potential possible. Challenges learning through experience at each age appropriate level.

We started Beginners First Academy with one goal in mind; to put children first.  Through the founders' fourteen years of combined experience we have found this to be the most important component of a successful early childhood education experience for you and your child.
Beginners First Academy was established in early 2009 with an opening date of July 5, 2010.  We are excited to create a positive history in the coming years full of educational milestones.  We would be honored for you to join us in creating a wonderful history!

Our center is located at 1201 Boulevard Rt. 50, Weymouth, NJ 08330.